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  • Music City Sound Qualifies for International Contest! (Music City Sound)
  •  Date Posted: Sat, Apr 15 2023
    Twelve members of Music City Sound were able to attend Area 6's Contest and Convention, and we are thrilled to say our score qualified us for the Harmony Inc. IC&C (International contest) in November.  We can't wait to continue our journey together! If you are interested in a hybrid virtual and live chorus experience - please reach out. We've love to have you visit a rehearsal to learn more.
  • Music City Sound Charters with Harmony Inc. (Music City Sound)
  •  Date Posted: Sat, Feb 25 2023
    Music CIty Sound is chartering as a Harmony Inc. chorus and will compete in the 2023 Area 6 Contest. We are excited to be starting our journey as the competing ensemble within Serendipity!  Come join us!