• Regarding Being a Member
  • I am so thankful that a post by Serendipity Chorus caught my attention on Facebook one day last spring. I signed up for a guest rehearsal and absolutely loved it! Jen Cooke is a wonderful director and teacher and I have learned so much about healthy singing from her. Singing with this talented and dedicated group makes rehearsal Sundays my favorite day of the week!
    - Monica P.

    I've heard of Jennifer Cooke and admire her talent as director, coach and singer. I've even bought learning tracks from her. But she's in USA and I'm a newbie director in Melbourne, Australia. So when I heard she was heading a virtual chorus, I jumped at the opportunity to further my vocal skills. I could also learn how she teaches and directs and further apply these skills to my own chorus.

    I have learnt so much in the year plus that I've been with Serendipity. I pledged to sing in person with MCS should they qualify for International, although I had little doubt they would. They absolutely smashed the qualifying and came in third, with only 12 singers (and self-directed) on stage. Jen had to learn bass and sing last minute to make the minimum required number of singers. This is testimony to the dedication of every singer. I am thrilled to be part of this committed group of talented singers.
    - Joyce L.

    "Virtual" was the buzzword of the pandemic. Why not join a new virtual chorus? So I did and it was a fun activity - with solid vocal instruction, a wide variety of music, and new friends. But I was still skeptical of what it would SOUND like when everyone one was in the same room. And then we decided to compete at Area contest with only 2 live rehearsal beforehand. I gave it my all to prepare - but privately I was still ready for a trainwreck in person.

    I have NEVER been so happy to be wrong in my life.

    Every singer showed up well prepared and ready to listen and learn from each other in the short time we had on-site before contest. Was it perfect? Heck no. Was it a trainwreck? Far from it! We came in 3rd and qualified for IC&C, I am so proud to be singing with these voices - whether 100% virtual or occasionally in person - it makes my heart sing!
    - Jennifer P.


  • Regarding Visiting The Chorus
  • MCS has a culture of excellence and a work ethic to match. You are very serious about making good music. Personal accountability combined with joyful encouragement is rare enough....add no drama and a lack of ego and you've got a rare gem, indeed.
    - Susan W.